Each creation is handmade

each piece is unique

Each creation is handmade, each piece is unique, hand made and strictly Made In Italy.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings which are both eccentric and classic at the same time, give a modern twist and contemporary reinterpretation to a mainstay of fine jewelry: pearls. Symbol of elegance and femininity, pearls create an unbreakable bond between past and future. “I’ve always loved pearls, and with this collection I wanted to make them current and contemporary.”

Made in Lidia – explains the young designer – is the name of both my grandmother and my daughter. I always remember my roots but at the same time have the need to look to the future.” This is her first collection.

All stones used are precious, semi-precious stones or roots of emeralds or rubies or tourmaline or semi precious, while the chains are gold-plated silver 925. Pearls are scaramazze and the laces are leather, combined with semiprecious stones or crystals. The earrings are gold filigree and precious stones or pendants in silver chain.

After a career as a lawyer, Ludovica Nistri Ranelletti chose to change her life to finally give vent to her creativity in jewelry design. She lives between Rome and London with her husband and her three children.

A continuous research and experimentation in the wake of disparate, even unexpected, inspirations and influences ranging from trips to the Far East to the expressions of pristine nature, through the admiration of the paintings by Boldini and his elegant, refined ladies as well as the taste of Cristobal Balenciaga, to get to the style of Parisian chic described in the book of Inès de la Fressange. Everything for the young designer Ludovica Nistri Ranelletti is inspired by invention, with the aim of designing and creating jewelry with a contemporary taste, that looks to the past in order to transport it to the future, always in the name of beauty and harmony, with a particularly strong passion for Scaramazza pearls. “It’s impossible to resist them for their imperfect perfection, which makes them unique and special, which when we wear them, enhance our own uniqueness,” says Ludovica.


New collection

All the creations of Ludovica are able to spice up the strictest dress code with unexpected touches of neon, with the use of contemporary and edgy materials such as the enamel resin, used to make casts of the particularly intriguing scaramazze pearls. With infinite possibilities for further customization, the results are always surprising and unique

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The collection is divided into three capsules

South East Collection

which is inspired by Ludovica’s potent memories of trips to the Orient

Goa Collection

which comes to life with the desire to dream and create jewelry to wear with freedom

Lava Collection

a hymn to the burst of energy and vitality that only nature can give you